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I work with many organizations on content marketing and copywriting projects. Most of my customers are B2B organizations, established SaaS companies, and scrappy startups. Here are a few projects that'll give you a sense of my work.

eBooks and comprehensive guides

Grasshopper's founders wanted to share the company's philosophy on how to start and run a business, so I took their insights and compiled them into JUMP: The Ultimate Guide to Starting and Growing a Business, which I managed from inception to publication. The guide resulted in 1871 Facebook Likes, 371 shares on LinkedIn, and 100+ inbound links.

Customer interviews, audience development, and case studies

Campaign Monitor has many customers that are leveraging email marketing to its fullest potential. I worked with the team at Campaign Monitor to interview these customers, resulting in a series of spotlights that showcase success stories, as well as tips for other marketers.

Investigative journalism

I journeyed to Chicago to give a long-haired pomeranian a "Boo haircut" to find out whether Boo is special, or whether it's just his haircut. I crafted the story for Buzzfeed, and it made the site's front page, generated 87,000 views within 24 hours, and continues to bring in traffic to the site.

Articles that get shares and links

Entrepreneurs everywhere gain knowledge from books, and my article,How Reading Reduces Stress and Makes You Smarter at the Same Time, for Entrepreneur Magazine became the "Most Shared" post three days after publication on the media site. It now has more than 23,000 social shares and 70+ inbound links.

Branding and messaging for business

Tessa Magnuson, Founder of Align Graphic Design, wanted to share her company mission so she could better entice prospective clients, but struggled to find the right words. I collaborated with Tessa to solidify her brand philosophy, then wrote the copy for the company's about page.

Copywriting for print materials

Girls Inc. of Lynn wanted the perfect copy for a print mailing that was sent out to its community. I did the copywriting for a printed postcard that requested donations.

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