Adjectives, u sneaky bastards!

July 11, 2016

People started subscribing to my email newsletter, so I figured it was time to share something.

But there’s a lot of stuff out there. There’s a lot of content about content. I’m tired of it, and wanted to bring something fresh to the table.

I’ve begun writing whackadoodles and sending them to my peeps. About a week after I write my whackadoodles, I’ll post them here.

A whackadoodle is a tip/insight/revelation about writing, which you, as a content marketer, should care about. Yes, I made it up. Don’t you just love the sound? Whack-a-doodle. Whack, whack, DOODLE.

“Wait, Emma! Why are you qualified to give writing tips?”

Whackadoodle #1: Oh, adjectives! U sneaky bastards!

Fiction writers– you know, the ones who smoke pipes and teach at university MFA programs– are always on about adjectives.

They tell you that you should be able to describe a pond without relying on adjectives.

Look at the following two statements, and you’ll see how much clearer the writing is without adjectives:

WITH ADJECTIVES: The user-friendly, cloud-based software helped me communicate with my serious accountant, who loves me despite my incessant questions.

WITHOUT ADJECTIVES: The software helped me communicate with my accountant, who loves me despite my questions.

See what I mean?

Abjectives suck. You don’t need them. Quit ramming them in.

I challenge you, content creator, stop relying on adjectives.

Happy writing & editing. Until next whackadoodle.

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