How to tell a DAMN good story

July 25, 2016

You thought your cousin’s birthday party would be boring.

You thought the best part would be the hot dog.

But then some random girl (she’s your cousin’s boyfriend’s roommate?) starts talking about when she gave her sister a hamster as a Hannukah gift.

DAMN! That girl is hilarious. You’re crying ‘cuz that thing about the hamster is getting you good.

When someone tells a story that good, I feel like I could go climb an apple tree, sink my teeth into the fruit, and undo my ponytail and drop my hair down like Rapunzel. It makes me feel alive.

But I also feel jealous. DAMN, how did that gal tell such a good story?

Whackadoodle #2: How to tell a DAMN good story

There’s a lot of talk about storytelling in marketing right now.

“Tell a good story!,” barks an executive. “Just use some storytelling, journalism-type shit. Yeah, stories!” These guys love to pull out statistics. “Did you know a Stanford research study showed that statistics alone have a retention rate of 5-10%, but when coupled with anecdotes, the retention rate rises to 65-70%? “

BLAH, BLAH. But when someone tells a good story, whether it’s out loud or in writing, you pay attention. Stories help others relate to you, and they’re an excellent tool for getting a message across.

To tell a good story:

I challenge you, content creator, try to tell stories people actually wanna hear.

Happy writing & editing. Until next whackadoodle

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