What freelance writers and content managers wish the other knew

January 20, 2016


Content managers and freelance writers work together all the time, but do they always see eye to eye?


Sometimes freelance writers expect better guidelines from content managers. Other times, content managers expect freelance writers to have a stronger grasp on their brand.

But something magic happens when freelance writers and content managers develop an understanding. Suddenly, high quality work is produced in less time. Suddenly, you have a partner on your content marketing journey.

Join us Wednesday, January 27th at 1:30 PM PST (3:30 PM CST) for a Blab that discusses what freelance writers wish their content managers knew– and what those content managers wish their freelance writers knew.

Link to the Blab: https://blab.im/emma-siemasko-freelance-writers-content-managers-what-each-wish-the-other-knew

In 45 minutes, you’ll learn what obstacles freelance writers and content managers face, as well as how to overcome them. You’ll learn what makes great partnerships between writers and content managers, so you can pursue them yourself.

Grab some headphones and join the link a minute or two before the Blab begins. Feel free to bring questions– we’ll allow a few minutes at the end for Q&A.

Freelance writers will learn…

Content managers will learn…

Wait, what’s Blab?

Blab is like a combo of Google Hangouts and Periscope, where you can watch a live video chat, comment, and ask questions. All you have to do is visit our Blab link, and watch. It’s free.

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Who’s talking?

We’ve hired countless freelance writers and have built successful freelance businesses, so we know what it’s like to find a freelance writer or content manager you can’t live without.


Kaleigh Moore, Founder of Lumen

Kaleigh Moore is a social-media consultant and copywriter who helps software-as-a-service companies craft intelligent content with a charming human element. She is also a regular contributor for Entrepreneur and Inc. Magazine.


Emma Siemasko, Founder of Stories by Emma

Emma Siemasko is a content marketing strategist and freelance writer at Stories by Emma, her own consultancy. Emma writes words that are cuter than puppies and more delicious than chicken wings, and has worked as both a content marketing specialist at a top tier tech company and as a creative writer at an agency.

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