2015 Emma's year in review

December 31, 2015

In July of this year, I launched Stories by Emma, my own content marketing business. Over the summer, I talked to lots of friends and family about what I was doing, but as the luster of a new venture burned away, I stopped sharing what I was doing, and wasn’t reflecting on the progress I made.

But then I saw Kaleigh Moore, one of my absolute favorite people to work with, post about her experiences in 2015. In her blog post, she talked about refining her business niche, collaborating with other freelancers, and some fun stuff like trips she took and courses she learned from.

Kaleigh is one of the freelancers who inspired me to go off on my own, and now she’s encouraging me to reach further to share what I’ve learned. I depend on freelancers like her to keep me engaged. After all, running your own business can be lonely.

Here’s my 2015 year in review:

I learned a lot about running a business

When I worked at Grasshopper, I wrote a lot about starting and running a business. I was able to gain a lot of insight from talking to entrepreneurs, but I didn’t have the first-hand knowledge of what it means to run your own shop. Here are a few insights I gained this year:

I moved to California

I was born and raised in Massachusetts, and I even have a little townie anthem I do when I’m in my hometown. It goes “born here, raised here, live here, die here,” said in a raspy, Boston accent. Yep, Masshole through and through.

This year, Chris (my boyfriend) and I took a big leap and moved to San Diego. We strongly considered moving to San Francisco, but since we both work from home, we wanted space. San Francisco is a pretty expensive place if you want two bedrooms, so we opted to try out San Diego, knowing we might end up in San Francisco at some point if either of our jobs take us there.


California is weird and amazing. I find everything about it convenient (there are like 10 Targets within a 15 minute drive), but I don’t know. Can it beat the winding New England roads and salt box colonials? Time will tell.

Pros to living in California:

Cons to living in California:

Some other fun stuff happened

Starting my own business and moving across the country were the biggest things that happened to me in 2015, but here are some other fun things that happened this year:

Just a sampling

A year is a long time, and so many things happened in 2015 that I can’t remember them all. At some point, I went to Vegas. Actually, I went to Vegas twice!

There were a lot of challenges in the past year, but a lot of positive changes happened, and I can’t wait to see what happens in 2016.

Happy New Year!

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